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A majority of procedures now performed on the lungs are done using video-assisted thoracoscopy (VATS). At Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Roy Williams is a pioneer in utilizing minimally invasive thoracic techniques, including VATS. Using small, 1 cm incisions, a camera and surgical instruments are placed into the chest to enable surgeons to perform everything from simple biopsies to complete lobectomies. VATS procedures are associated with less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery compared to open thoracotomy.

VATS and Lung Cancer
Video-assisted surgery has been especially useful in the fight against lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. VATS has helped simplify the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Using minimally invasive techniques, surgeons are able to completely evaluate the chest cavity in order to properly stage and treat patients.

Comprehensive VATS capabilities
Mount Sinai Medical Center offers a wide variety of VATS procedures, including:

• VATS Lung Biopsy
• VATS Bullectomy and Pleural Sclerosis
• VATS Lung Resection and Pneumonectomy
• VATS Decortication
• VATS Placement of Epicardial Pacemaker Leads
• VATS Resection of  Thoracic Tumors

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